We are here to help men, women and children rise above sexual victimization.

Volunteer Testimonials

One of the Deep Secrets in Life

New Beginnings offers support to and helps others rise above sexual victimization through the selfless time given by our volunteer advocates.  

I began volunteering for New Beginnings in August. When I started my volunteering at New Beginnings it was just part of a requirement for my practicum to complete my masters degree however it has definitely become more than that. My practicum is complete in May but I intend to remain a volunteer. During my time with New Beginnings as a volunteer I have been on call and had to go to the hospital, had a few crisis calls, and dealt black jack at a fundraiser. It is definitely never boring a for such a good cause. To me it is an honor to be able to be at the hospital through someone’s most vulnerable time and if I can help make it even a little easier for them then I feel like I accomplished something.—Amanda



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